What We Do:

Delta will provide chemical analysis following EPA methods and
Standard Methods for Examination of Water, Waste Water. Delta is
certified for analysis of Drinking Water, Waste water, hazardous and
characterization of soil and liquids landfill disposal purposes following
EPA 500, 600 , 6000, 7000, 800 series and SW-846 protocols. Delta's
testing capabilities includes but not limited to the following areas:

•       Volatile Organic Compounds; VOC by GC and
GC/MS, TrihalomethaneTHM Chlorination bi-products
•       Semi-volatile Organic Compounds; SVOC by
GC/GC/MS and HPLC, TOC and Tri-haloacetic acids; THAAcs
•       Metal Analysis by Atomic Absorption and, AA and
Emission Spectroscopy; ICP.
•       Inorganic Chemistry analyses.
•       Wet Chemistry tests Such as pH, Turbidity,
Conductivity, cyanide, Phenolics, free and total
Chlorine ,  and Anions, etc.
•       Total Oil and Grease.
•       Characterization of fuels for site investigation projects
•       Toxicity characteristics leaching procedures, TCLP
including ZHE extraction for VOC and Analysis.
•       Soluble Threshold Leaching Concentration, STLC .
•       Standard Turnaround Time 5 Working Day
•       Rush services such as, the same day, next day, second
day and 72 hours with reasonable surcharge.

Delta Environmental
Laboratories, LLC
Free Consultation with Ph.D chemist to meet your project requirement