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Delta Environmental laboratories, LLC , is a certified Small Business
firm since 6/5/07. Department of General Services, The Office of Small
Business / DVBE  of The State of California has issued the small
business certification for Delta environmental Laboratories, LL
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business for over 10 years
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Company Profile:
)        Delta Environmental Laboratories founded in 3/29/92 by
Hossein Khosh Khoo, Ph.D., who is the Laboratory Director/ President
of the company . Dr. Khosh Khoo with more than twenty years
experience of full-time teaching in undergraduate and graduate
levels, as associate professor and visiting professor, and several
years of consulting in the area of water treatments and environmental
studies  provides help and technical solution based on scientific
expertise to our clients to understand the reports produced for the
laboratory  analysis of the project under investigation

B)        Delta is a full-service and the State of California certified
laboratory. Delta is active in Northern California, (Sacramento area,
Modesto, Bay area, San Jose and Santa Rosa,) and provides services
in the area of drinking water, waste water and hazardous waste
following EPA Approved methodologies; SW 846 and Standard Method
of Examining Water and Waste water, ed., 18.and 20th ed.
What We Do:

Delta will provide chemical analysis following EPA methods and
Standard Methods for Examination of Water, Waste Water Delta is
certified for analysis of hazardous materials in soil and liquids
following WSW-846 protocols. Delta's testing capabilities includes but
not limited to the following areas:

•        Volatile Organic Compounds; VOC by GC and GC/MS
•        Semi-volatile Organic Compounds; SVOC by GC/GC/MS and HPLC
•        Metal Analysis by Atomic Absorption and , AA and Emission
Spectroscopy; ICP.
•        Inorganic Chemistry analyses.
•        STLC
and TCLP including ZHE extraction for VOC Analys

•        Wet Chemistry tests Such as pH, cyanide, Phenolics,  etc.
•        Characterization of fuels for site investigation projects

•        Standard five days Turnaround Time.
•        Rush services such as, the same day, next day , second day and
72 hours with reasonable surcharge.
•        Provide method development for certain analysis that are not
considered as one of the routine analyses.

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