Delta Profile

A)  Delta Environmental Laboratories founded in 3/29/92
by Hossein Khosh Khoo, Ph.D., who is the Laboratory
Director/ President of the company .
Dr. Khosh Khoo with over more than thirty years
experience of full-time teaching in undergraduate and
graduate levels, as associate professor and visiting
professor, and several years of consulting in the area of
water treatments and environmental studies provides help
and technical solutions to our clients to select proper
methods of analysis for their samples and help them to
complete the jobs with the lowest cost. Based on scientific
expertise he also helps the clients to understand the
reports produced for the laboratory analysis of the project
under investigation.

B)  Delta is a full-service and the State of California
certified laboratory under ELAP # 1857. Delta is active in
Northern California particularly in Sacramento, Modesto,
Bay area, San Jose and Santa Rosa, and provides
analytical services in the area of drinking water, waste
water and hazardous waste for water and soil following
EPA Approved methodologies; SW 846 and Standard
Method of Examining Water and Waste water, ed., 18.and
22th ed.

C)        Delta is committed to you- the environmental
professional- to serve your needs for Technical
information, prompt service, conveniences and quality
data. More than laboratory chemists, Delta has a very
strong technical support group including two Ph.D.,
chemists and we are able to provide services that you
deserve. We understand the State and Federal
Regulations under which our clients must work; we also
understand the value of our clients’ field and office time
and offer them the conveniences of a local laboratory.